Studio Maternity vs Outdoor

This is a question I ask EVERYTIME someone wants to book a session with me. Do you want studio or outdoor? Not many moms have really thought about this question either! You may have Pinterest pinned some images you love, but have you asked yourself why you like those particular images? Is it the light, the feelings, the colors?

Choosing an outdoor session allows for more candid images. These sessions are PERFECT if you plan to have other little ones (and significant others) included in some of the images. You can plan for your favorite season, whether it be spring for the flowers or fall for the foliage.

Studio sessions bring an entire different feeling. They are more simple, classic, timeless. We can bring color into the images with the dress or background, but these are mainly YOU center stage. You can incorporate a significant other in these images (and really kids too, although it’s much harder to get cooperation).

So which do you choose? Thankfully, with me, you don’t have to choose 1! I offer both studio and outdoor sessions at the same location. I have a package for full outdoor, full studio, or a combo!

Love the classic beauty in this image
Snow maternity is always highly requested, and by total luck able to be pulled off!
  1. Juanita says:

    These are beautiful ❤️ I was able to sneak a peak thru the window while changing Madelyn on the outdoor shots❤️
    I must admit though, my favorite is the indoor black dress. This Momma is stunning ❤️❤️

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