Claire Elizabeth

With every new baby I photograph comes an intense feeling of wanting to do better. I’m 100% a perfectionist when it comes to my images and I’m not sure this will ever change. Will there ever come a time that I feel I’ve made it as a photographer? Imposter syndrome is REAL.

There are other times after a session I KNOW I’m good. Not to be a bragger or anything, but I can definitely set myself apart from novice newborn photographers at this point. I’ve put in the education hours, the 1:1 trainings, endless hours of posing, wrapping, lighting videos…SO. MANY. PROPS.

This is exactly why this year, I’ve decided to hone my skills to simply maternity, newborn and small child photography. Sure, you’ll still see family sessions for my loyal clients because I LOVE seeing their faces every year, and it’s something I truly look forward to. But I cannot even pretend I’ll become an advanced professional photographer if I continue to say “yes” to every session that inquires.

So bear with me. This is a season of growth for me as a professional. I’m going to work SMARTER in order to provide the very best of the best to my clients who I love so dearly. You deserve it.

Obviously had to bring the bear hat and lovey for “Claire Bear”
Investing in a macro lens to never miss a detail
We fought hard for this set up! It’s not perfect, but well earned.

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