Madelyn- 6 Month Milestone Session

Don’t blink.

We’ve all heard the song. Heard the advice from strangers and loved ones alike. That every time you close your eyes your baby is one second older than they were. Time is a thief.

But in the middle of sleepless nights (come on Madelyn, you’re 6 months now….you have GOT to learn to sleep) and busy days, our last baby somehow turned half a year old. All her firsts are our lasts. I’m somewhere in the middle of super purging all the baby things as soon as she is done with them, but with an aching heart as I drive away from the donation station. Letting go of the baby stage for me is hard. I will never again be pregnant. I will never again have a newborn. And while saying these things out loud seems hard, I am ready.

As I type this, Madelyn is happy bouncing away in her play gym…and I know soon enough she won’t fit into it anymore. We’ll soon be chasing a toddling baby around, listening to her happy squeals and her sisters giggles. This sweet baby, the perfect combination of all the rest of our daughters, was the best last bookend to our family.

  1. Ginny Maestas says:

    Oh my goodness Brittany these are Sooo adorable!!! Madelyn is so stinking cute & you can see so much personality in her eyes & expressions. ❤️🥰 Happy half year birthday sweet girl!

  2. Juanita says:

    I love your sentiments sweetheart and your devotion to your family. I couldn’t be any prouder of you….. And yes, Madelyn came into our lives in unexpected times and came with personality truly above and beyond…..

  3. Crystal says:

    I just love this and her🥰 It is so true knowing the last baby is the last, but I will tell you the new enjoyed freedom as they get older together is quite awesome too! Can’t wait to see you all❤️

  4. Heather McClure says:

    ❤️❤️ she is the sweetest! Miles is gonna have to work hard if he wants her as a gf one day 😉

  5. Aunt Donna says:

    Adorable little girl Brittany! Treasure the cuddles. Even the middle of the night cuddles! 😉❤ Thanks for sharing your girls through pictures. Makes my day! I love every one of them!

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