Garden Prep & Letting Go

I’m not going to lie, crafting with my kids is an ongoing personal struggle.

I have great intentions of letting them help, do it their ways, be proud of whatever they create…but I’m also a perfectionist control-freak at heart, which is an odd place to be as a parent of 4 little girls.

But through on-going practice and continuing to seek out these moments that test my comfort, I see the beauty in their creations and it helps me remember this is THEIR home too. Having these little imperfect pieces of them scattered around are what I’m sure I’ll be missing when they’re gone…all too soon.

We created these little garden markers out of oven-bake clay and letter stampers (I found them in the jewelry making section of Michael’s Craft Store). I would recommend getting the larger letters as these are very small (depending on how large you want your markers to be). I love how these turned out, all their little imperfections and all! The girls also made their own special creations for each other and everyone got along for the 2.5 hours this entertained them for. The baby supervised the operation to be sure things were done correctly 🙂

I love the contrast of the snowy day and preparing for our spring garden
When they became bored of cutting garden steaks we busted out the cookie cutters for fun shapes
We used a testing piece of clay because the P’s, B’s, D’s could be very tricky to get the right one (we had all lower-case letters)
Oven bake clay and letter stamps
The boss
  1. Juanita says:

    Love this sweetheart❤️ Yes, it is very hard to let go of everything being perfect… a task many of us OCD people struggle with😜

    Your girls are going to become the best crafters too… after all, they are learning from the best❤️

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